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Learn how to create + facilitate courses that matter. Get our course catalogue.

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Create Your Course

We’ll help you focus + organize your ideas into a structured course, retreat, or high-level mastermind.

Expand Your Business

Earn more money, while freeing up your time. Create courses, workshops, retreats, and more.

Become Known In Your Realm

Elevate your brand through offering powerful work. When you teach to groups, you drastically expand your reach.

Become A Facilitation Rockstar

Learn your unique-to-you facilitation style, and truly engage with your participants (they’ll be raving about your work!).

You’ve had an idea for a course, and you want to create it—but then that gets overwhelming. What content stays, and what goes? What’s the best way to facilitate it? And speaking of teaching and facilitation, how do you engage participants? What about student challenges that arise? How do you manage your energy, as the facilitator, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed?

Build your course & become a facilitation rockstar

Years Teaching

Different Courses


Cups of Coffee

Kate Courageous

I stepped in front of my first classroom in 2002. All these years later, I’ve now facilitated for more than 3,000+ students in either a real-time or virtual capacity (!). I’ve helped develop curriculum for college courses, and created brand-new curriculum for seminars, workshops, retreats and e-courses.

I’ve encountered both the joys and challenges of facilitation and teaching. Today, I’m a self-professed “curriculum design nerd” and creating and facilitating courses has been the backbone of my business.

Offering group coaching, high-end masterminds, or other community experiences can create more profitability for your business, while leveraging your time. You can make more money in an hour, working with 20 people paying to meet together, than working with one individual client. And once you’ve set your course in motion, you’ll find that you can enjoy hanging out with a community and have fun getting creative with how you deliver your course content.

Create Your Course

Don’t wait: finally get organized and create your course, putting it into the most effective and
marketable format for your business. Finish creating your course, and start making more money while doing work that impacts the lives of your participants.

Learn Facilitation

Talking to a room? That’s not facilitation. Learn FWI’s Keys of Masterful Facilitation and bypass the crickets–you’ll have engaged learners, whether you’re teaching virtually or in-person.

Practice in Real-time

Learn like your participants do–practice facilitation skills with your actual content, to learn what works and what doesn’t. Receive feedback from experienced facilitators and then develop your own style.

Creating and teaching courses can build your business. Learn how to create courses that do good and gain confidence as a teacher and facilitator. Grab our course catalogue to learn about our 2018 program.

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